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Nordic Collegiate Programming Championships 2020 at ITU


ITU will be a local hub for the 2020 edition of NCPC, the Nordic Collegiate Programming Championships. Part of which are the Danish programming championships (“Danmarksmesterskaberne i programmering”).

NCPC@ITU 2020 will take place on

You need to Register at ICPC to participate. Registration closes 4 November 2020.

Program (preliminary):

NCPC and Coronavirus

NCPC is arranged in the middle of a global pandemic, which means that it will be somewhat different from previous years.

  1. NCPC@ITU is an ITU-internal event and therefore not open to participants outside of ITU.
  2. Prior registration is required. See the ICPC link above.
  3. Teams bring their own computers. (Up to one computer per contestant.)
  4. Teams remain seated at their own tables during the entire event.

There will be free food, snacks, and soft drinks during the contest; this requires prior registration of dietary preferences, probably via the ITU Lille Kat channel (see under Contact below.)

Note that the organization, both local and pan-Nordic, needs to remain flexible and is subject to change because of governmental regulations. You can keep yourself updated on the NCPC 2020 site.

You can read about previous NCPCs on the NCPC site


There is an ITU Teams channel for NCPC@ITU 2020 under the Lille Kat team. Feel free to join and ask questions, offer help, etc.


  1. Find a team, preferably of fellow students that you already interact with. Your study group would be perfect; you can be at most 3. Come up with a clever team name.
  2. The problem solving and programming activity Lille Kat at ITU meets regularly to solve NCPC-relevant problems and maintains a great and welcoming atmosphere. Just show up (no registration required). See
  3. Train by solving previous NCPC problems in your team. See NCPC site. As you can see, if you manage to solve just 1 problem, you are in very select company.
  4. The good people at Kattis will host a Warm-up contest on Saturday, 31 October 2020, 11-16, exactly one week before the event. (And according to head of jury Per Austrin, somewhat easier.)