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Social activities around problem solving and programming at ITU

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Lille Kat is a social programming initiative at ITU.

Lille Kat events will be held roughly every other week and are aimed at ITU students from all study programmes who want to spend time solving problems, improving their programming skills, and hanging out with friends. Lille Kat aims to create a friendly and relaxed environment to practice collaborative problem solving; participants are encouraged to help each other and have fun.

The events aim to be fun and challenging for programmers of every skill level. Each event will feature a selection of problems from the Kattis archive. The selected problems will range in difficulty so all participants can solve at least one question, while even the most experienced participants will be challenged by the harder problems.

Oh… and there’ll be snacks!


This semester Lille Kat will be held on campus! The Kattis server is open from 16:00 till 19:00, so be sure to be ready before then. Join the discord server, grab some snacks, and solve any set up issues before we start (people on discord can help if you have any issues).

Upcoming events

We have a busy semester ahead of us! Here is the current schedule for the semester with Lille Kat event marked in bold.

Past Lille Kat events

Lille Kat and Coronavirus

Currently, we expect to meet in person for all events this semester, but with some changes. This means keeping a reasonable distance from other participants and no keyboard sharing (we can recommend looking into Live Share), it also means Lille Kat will provide individual snacks for everyone rather than having a big pile of shared pizza and chips the way we did it pre-pandemic. Of course, if you are ill or for some other reason would rather stay at home, you can always join virtually on the some kattis contest as the rest of us.


The 2nd floor Atrium tables will be reserved for Lille Kat events. We’ll set up a snack station on one of these tables (take a look at the Facebook event just before the event to find out which table).

Do I have to prepare?

No formal preparation is required, you can show up at the last minute. However:

Where do I ask additional questions

Ask questions and join the conversation at the Lille Kat channel on ITU’s Teams or the Lille Kat discord server here.


The people behind Lille Kat are