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Social events around problem solving and programming at IT University of Copenhagen

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Friends of Lille Kat

Friends of Lille Kat

frolic, /ˈfrɒlɪk/, verb, play or move about in a cheerful and lively way. “Robin frolicked with the other Lille Kat people.” adjective (ARCHAIC), cheerful, merry, or playful. “a thousand forms of frolic life.”

FroLiK, /ˈfrɒlɪk/, abbreviation, Friends of Lille Kat, and informal social network at IT University of Copenhagen.

The staff and students connected to Lille Kat constitute an informal social hub for various programming-related events at ITU. Lille Kat itself aims to be harmless, accessible, social, and cute. The other events range in atmosphere from loud and silly to ultra-competitive and serious. Some of them we arrange ourselves, others we participate in jointly.

NCPC – Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest

NPCP, sometimes known as Danmarksmesterskaberne i programmering, is the “official” yearly Nordic programming contest for universities with a few hundred participants in the Nordic countries. NCPC is the first step on a series of events culminating in the ICPC world finals.

NCPC is five hours of programming in teams of three, registration required (to be announced at the NCPC website). The problem quality is extremely high; the easiest problems are like easy Lille Kat, the atmosphere is super, so everybody should participate.

Will Code for Drinks

Held in the ITU Scrollbar, typically in November. Difficulty comparable to Lille Kat; but even more focussed on having fun. By now, one of the largest programming events in Scandinavia. Atmosphere is crazy.

NWERC – Northwestern European Regional Contest

NWERC is a highly competitive annual event – the next next step above NCPC, and a qualifier for the World finals. ITU typically sponsors two or three teams to participate (travel and lodgings).

Team selection and coaching for NWERC is done by FroLiK.

Advent of Code

AoC is a world-wide daily julekalender in December; ITU participants maintain

Quite difficult on some days.