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Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest 2021 at ITU


ITU will be a local hub for the 2021 edition of NCPC, the Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest. Part of which are the Danish programming championships (“Danmarksmesterskaberne i programmering”).

NCPC@ITU 2021 will take place on

You need to Register at ICPC to participate. You also need to sign up using the excel sheet in the Teams channel. Here you can also ask any questions you might have.


Who can participate?

Everyone is very welcome! It does not matter whether you have been programming for many years or a few weeks. There are problems for everyone. You can find the problems from last year with solutions here.

PLEASE NOTE: The physical event is for ITU students and staff only.


  1. Find a team, preferably of fellow students that you already interact with. Your study group would be perfect; you can be at most 3. Come up with a clever team name.
  2. Train by solving previous NCPC problems in your team. See NCPC site. As you can see, if you manage to solve just 1 problem, you are in very select company.